Rob Ekno



Rob is always looking for new experiences which may lead him to meet interesting and unique characters that he may be able to create a TV show or documentary about. He has spent the better part of the past four years in Alaska, meeting amazing people and exploring the incredible landscapes. 

Among many of his treks, he has climbed glaciers, crawled into ice caves under a glacier, ridden with sled dogs, flown in helicopters and float planes, ziplined and hung out with bears. 

Rob's enthusiastic and adventurous spirit has led him to build intimate relationships with people and business owners in Juneau. His inquisitive personality has helped him to discover many aspects of Juneau that even residents never realized existed. 

Amongst the people there, Rob has created ideas for several TV shows and he has been working with numerous TV producers to bring them to reality. 

Rob has been blessed to befriend a coalition of producers,videographers, editors, SFX creators, agents and financial professionals to help in creating new programming for different venues. 


Rob's Story

Rob Ekno is a producer, TV & radio host, professional actor, motivational speaker and author. He spent nearly 15 years as a producer and host of TV shopping programs  seen across the country and globally. Rob is also an Associated Press multi-award winning reporter.

Currently, Rob is focused on bringing his vision to life through some of the unscripted TV and documentary concepts he's created, which are designed to help us all follow our dreams. 

One of his concepts has been presented to a major network by an award-winning producer. Rob has also partnered with three other top producers on some of his concepts.

To help keep him focused, Rob is blessed to have a tremendous team of mentors guiding him, including a friend from Fox Studios, a former Warner Brothers editor, two amazing life coaches and a guiding light in Alaska.

From 2011 to 2014, Rob was the Executive Producer and host of the  popular worldwide talk show, "In Your Face", which aired M-F on Indie Podcasts are available on iTunes under  Rob Ekno.

Rob has also appeared on Fox & Friends, KTLA News, Spike TV, Discovery ID, Current TV, and more.

He was blessed to spend four seasons on the NBC sitcom, "Newsradio", and was the only actor other than the regular cast to have a part on Phil Hartman's last show.

Prior to arriving in Hollywood, Rob also reported for the CBS Radio Network, the Associated Press Radio Network and WEEI-AM in Boston. He served as the News/Sports Director for an AM/FM combo in Providence, RI. He's covered events with three former Presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford.

Rob was the Executive Prodcuder and weekend host of the nationally syndicated nightly sports show, "The Sports Final", out of Boston. He covered the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, New England Patriots, the PGA, NASCAR, the World Series and Superbowl. Rob also produced the Brown University Football half-time show and was the Public/Media Relations Director for two professional sports teams.




Rob loves having the opportunity to share his experiences with others looking to move forward in their careers. In following his dreams,  Rob continues to meet other like minded people who look to Rob for his experience and motivation. 

Rob says, "There's nothing more exciting than being able to help someone else achieve their dream". 

His energetic personality comes to life as an inspiring speaker and live event emcee. One of his passions is hosting live events and motivating audiences to have their best experiences, while helping his clients to acheive their goals. 

He's appeared as a guest on numerous TV and radio programs, in which he brings his unique perception and vibrant personality. 

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