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Rob Ekno


 The summer of 2018 proved to be Rob's most adventurous journey throughout southeast Alaska. It was his second season as the Host on a private cruise ship. In total, it was his fifth summer in the Alaskan tour business. 

Winding up the 2018 season, a guest unexpectedly passed away on the ship. Rob was asked to escort the widow and her husbands body on a ferry ride to the funeral parlor. He then assisted her in handling all necessary affairs. Rob feels it was a true blessing to be part of that experience.

Through his work in the tour industry, Rob has been able to build wonderful relationships. These include business owners and locals in numerous Southeast Alaska communities. Those are Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Haines, Ketchikan, Hoonah and Tenakee Springs. 

He has led groups on hikes and kayaking. They trekked to see brown and black bears, glaciers, and some of the less charted territories in the area. Among them are Fords Terror, Pavlof Harbor, Takatz Bay, Basket Bay Limestone caves, Red Bluff Bay, Funter Bay, Loring, Eddy Stone, Five Finger Lighthouse, Brothers Islands, Corner Bay, Dawes Glacier, Taku Inlet, Sawyer Glacier, Thomas Bay, Bairds Glacier, Tracey Arm, Sanford Cove, Goddard Hot Springs, Le Conte Glacier and Shakes Glacier. Rob has taken groups to many other places of interest. These include the Mendenhall Glacier, the Alaska State Museum, the Shrine of St. Therese, the Fortress of the Bears, the Alaska Raptor Center, Sitka National Historic Park, Wrangell Museum, Chief Shakes Home, Wrangell Petroglyph Beach, Sheldon Jackson Museum, Clausen Museum in Petersburg, Creek Street and Dolly's House in Ketchikan, along with the Bald Eagle Preserve and Hammer Museum in Haines. He has also taken guests jetboating on the Stikine and Chilcot Rivers. 

Rob has also been a part of numerous cruises to the San Juan Islands in northern Washington. He has led guests on tours to Roche Harbor, Friday Harbor, Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm, Lime Kiln State Park, South Beach, Sculpture Park, McMillian Mausoleum, American Camp, Fort Casey, Snoqualmie Falls, La Conner tulip fields and the Boeing plant in Everett, WA.  

During the fall season, Rob has guided guests on several cruises along the Columbia River, Snake River and Hell's Canyon through Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Some of the onshore excursions include Mt. St. Helen's, the Bonneville Dam, the Bonneville Fish Hatchery and Sturgeon Viewing Center, Maryhill Museum, Mt. St. Helen's Interpretive Center, Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood Railroad, Astoria Column, Fort Clatsop, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Cape Disappointment, Long Beach, St. Helen's Halloweentown, Sacajawea Museum, REACH Museum, Washington and Oregon wineries, the Hell's Canyon Nature Conservancy and jetboat rides into Hell's Canyon.

Rob was blessed to be part of an expedition led by reasearchers at the Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institute in Cape Cod, MA. There were scientists and marine biologists from around the world studying the effects of climate change on our rivers. 

To add to his experiences, Rob was unexpectedly involved in two life saving rescue situations at sea. Both of them involved Coast Guard choppers and fortunately ended with positive results.

Among many of his personal treks, Rob has climbed glaciers, crawled into ice caves under a glacier, ridden with sled dogs, flown in helicopters and float planes, ziplined, hung out with bears on wilderness trails, as well as sitting only a few feet away from 13 brown bears fishing in a waterfall in SE Alaska. 

As far as Rob is concerned, every day is an adventure and an opportunity to see more of this amazing world.

Rob's Story

Rob Ekno is a producer, TV & radio host, adventurer, motivational speaker and author. He spent nearly 15 years as a producer and host of TV shopping programs seen across the country and globally. He was the Executive producer of two of those networks.

Rob guided an antiquated radio newsroom into an Associated Press Award Winner. He received another AP award for his reporting. In addition, he was the Public/Media Relations Director for two professional sports teams.

Rob was most recently seen on your TV screen in the Micro Blade Touch infomercial with Hall of Fame quarterback, Brett Favre.

Rob is focused on bringing his vision to life through the TV and movie concepts he's created through his  adventures.

One of his concepts was presented to a major network by an award-winning producer. Rob has also partnered with top veteran producers on some of his other ideas.

To help keep him focused, Rob is blessed to have a tremendous team of mentors guiding him, including a friend from Fox Studios, a former Warner Brothers editor, two amazing life coaches and a guiding light in Alaska.

From 2011 to 2014, Rob was the Executive Producer and host of the  popular worldwide talk show, "In Your Face", which aired M-F on Indie Podcasts are available on iTunes under  Rob Ekno.

In 2010, he appeared live on the Fox & Friends news program in New York as a finalist to become "America's Next Great Pitchman". 

Rob has also appeared on the KTLA News in Los Angeles, Spike TV, Discovery ID, Current TV, Facebook News Television and more.

He was blessed to spend four seasons on the NBC sitcom, "Newsradio", and was the only actor other than the regular cast to have a part on Phil Hartman's last show.

Prior to arriving in Hollywood, Rob also reported for the CBS Radio Network, the Associated Press Radio Network and WEEI-AM in Boston. He served as the News/Sports Director for WWLI-FM  and WEAN-AM in Providence, RI. He's covered events featuring three U.S. Presidents.

Rob was the Executive Producer and weekend host of the nationally syndicated nightly sports show, "The Sports Final", out of Boston. He reported on the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, New England Patriots, the PGA, NASCAR, the World Series, Superbowl and many other sporting events. He has interviewed numerous professional athletes and celebrities. Rob also produced and hosted the Brown University Football half-time show. He was the top rated nightime radio personality in southern New England, after beginning his broadcasting career in high school, where he helped start America's first high school radio station, WCVY-FM. Rob has worked on air in Providence, RI, Worcester, MA, Boston, MA, Austin, TX, Juneau, AK, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.



Having the opportunity to share his experiences with others looking to move forward in their careers is something that Rob truly enjoys. In following his dreams, he continues to meet other like minded people who look to him for his experience and motivation. 

"There's nothing more exciting than being able to help someone else achieve their dreams," says Rob.

As he has pursued his personal dreams, Rob has realized that there may be a much higher calling for him. He's been blessed to help others heal challenging situations in their lives and has found a much higher level of spiritual living of his own.

His energetic personality comes to life as an inspiring speaker and live event emcee. Rob has spoken on stages at sold-out arenas, as well as major Vegas conventions. One of his more recent emcee performances came at the famed Kentucky Fairgrounds in Louisville. 

Among Rob's passions are hosting live events and motivating audiences to have their best experiences, while helping his clients to achieve their goals. 

He's appeared as a guest on numerous inspirational TV and radio programs including The 700 Club, The Hour of Power and Open Up Live, in which he brings his unique perception on life and vibrant personality. 

Rob has authored the book: "God, Bless America...Before It's Too Late. He is currently penning his second book: It's God, Not Coincidence...Coming to Grips With Life's Unexpected Wonders. This book is nearly completed. During the past cruise season, Rob was blessed to have five professional book editors traveling on board with him at different times, who helped shape the book into a printable version.

Continuing to grow daily and focusing on what he can to to make his part of the world better is Rob's goal. Everything else that happens as a result is blessing. 

Please send a note  on the CONTACT page to book Rob as a guest on your next show or to have him speak at your next event.