TV Concepts

A Few New Friends

A Man on A Misson

One of the most incredible discoveries Rob made in looking for TV show subjects was this gentleman. He spent  38 1/2 years in prison for taking the life of an Anchorage, AK, police officer when he was only 23. Today he's a model citizen helping others to live their dreams.

Enjoying the Mendehall Glacier

A MUST see in Juneau, AK is the Mendenhall Glacier. It is one of the most photogenic places anywhere. These are two of Rob's wonderful adventurous friends taking a few pictures and sharing some ideas for TV subjects..

Keepin' It Native

The native culture is alive and well in Alaska. These are two leaders of the Tlingkit tribe on an island west of Juneau. They still perform their tribal dances and follow other native traditions.

A True Miracle

One of the most amazing stories Rob discovered is his friend Tim. He was scheduled for brain surgery after contracting Parkinsons Disease and losing his ability to continue as an animator. But  thanks to a miraculous pill, he's able to use most of his  drawing skills and continues to amaze us every day!

The Place to Be

Rob presented some of his TV show concepts to a couple of top producers in Hollywood. One of them chose one idea to work on and helped Rob create a sizzle reel for presentation. Stay tuned!

Going Bush

One of the special experiences Rob had was taking his friend Irvin to the set of the Alaskan Bush People TV show. As you can imagine, networking with Hollywood folks is tough in Alaska, so it was a real treat to have a day with some of the Brown family.

A True Explorer

This is one man who knows how to live life on the edge. He's a former top special agent for the government and goes wherever he can to see and experience the best of Alaska's nature and wildlife. Thanks to him, Rob was blessed to crawl inside three ice caves under the Mendenhall Glacier. That was incredible!

Meeting of The Minds

Rob has taken advantage of every opportunity to discover what activities and people will stand out on TV. Another adventure was a raft trip down the Mendenhall River. One day, a raft tipped over and eight  people made it back in, one didn't. After the fire department Chaplin was dispatched, they found the ninth person. Always an adventure!

Getting Some Direction

Rob found some of the most amazing characters in one of the newest businesses in Alaska. it was built from the ground up by a couple of guys who had amast a stockpile of guns in a huge storage container in their backyard before their wives found out. Nothing like a woman scourned!

Float Plane Taxi

In a good portion of Alaska, the only way to get around is by boat or float plane. So when you're looking for TV subjects, it can become a bit challenging. One of the wonderful gentlemen Rob befriended is a plane owner, who has flown him over numerous glaciers on the expansive Juneau Ice Field on several occassions to get video footage.

Flyin' With Friends

The great thing about Juneau is that the crowd changes on a daily basis in the summer. However, some of them return. These are a couple travel agent  friends Rob met from Germany, who were in town on numerous occassions. They got to enjoy a few flights together over the glaciers.

A Dogs Day Afternoon

One of the most popular sports in Alaska is the Iditarod. Not all dogs train on the snow and ice. During the summer months, there are four teams of mush dogs that get their workouts in Juneau. Rob had the pleasure of riding with them and they stopped for a break in the puddle.